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I Love Art


I love art.  To me art is an outlet of my creativity as well as my energy.

When painting, each brush stroke allows me to take a deep breath and really feel what I am doing.  To slowly emerge into the artwork and feel it deep down inside of my body.

Every time I hot glue a flower to a wreath (and I don’t burn my finger tip) I get a surge of joy that encompasses my soul.

While creating art, I often take a step back and look at my masterpiece.

And that’s exactly what it is, a masterpiece.  The thing I love the most about art is that anything that I create is perfect just the way that it is.  That piece of art serves a purpose for the moment in which it was created.  Perhaps it was an outlet after a long day.  Or it was made while socializing with friends or family.  The memories that are created during the process and the community that’s involved in the creation of the artwork, is what stays with me.

Every piece of art is a masterpiece.  It’s your creation, your use of the creativity and it is beautiful and stunning.  The time, energy and spirit that you use to create your piece of work is ultimately a gift in itself.

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