Cats and Socks, Green Eggs and Ham?



It’s been a bit since I last babbled (I feel like I am in a confession booth…).  Has there been babbles, yes, but nothing worthy enough to publish.  Of course I have been talking and chatting and think think thinking, yet, none of that has made it from mind to pen, to paper.  Which is a travesty, as I’ve come up with some decent material.

Right now, and just for a moment, I will acknowledge that there are things happening in the world right now, that words cannot begin to describe.  In response, I will prattle on about other topics, things that provide me peace, hope, calm and laughter.


I bet you knew that this was coming.  I am not, by definition, an official cat lady, as I only have two cats and I think you need four or more cats to be an official cat lady or cat dude. (Can’t leave out the cat men/dudes out there…)  But I am obsessed with my cats and I think my love for them may be a bit much, but the jury is still out on the verdict on that one.  My cats have been my source of joy.  In the mornings they run around like the tips of their tails are on fire (they are not actually on fire, and I suggest against allowing this to actually happen), and this brings a huge smile to my just waking up face.  To see their silliness warms my heart.  In the evenings, my girl cat is snuggled on the couch on top of a mountain of blankets.  While my boy cat likes to sit on my lap.  This I love, even though I am somewhat paralyzed by his weight as he graces me with his presence.  One thing I could do without though, is the 6 AM rooster calls that come from the large, butterball, boy cat.  He takes his job very seriously, and every morning, stands at his post and lets out the most God-awful meows ever.  However, they do work, as we do eventually get out of bed.

Matched Socks

Several weeks ago I matched all my socks (Gasp!).  It was so incredibly tedious and overwhelming.  I had no idea that I had so many socks.  Two drawers of socks!  I have two feet (much like the majority of humans), and I own some 50 pairs of socks.  How in the hells gates did this happen?  Did I go on a sock spending spree in my sleep?  Is this considered hoarding? I suppose I shall digress… during the exercise I matched all my socks and despite how horrid the task was, I am reaping the benefits now and it is glorious.  I have cut down my getting ready time by half because my socks are not only matched, but sorted by type of sock (fitness, work and dress shoes) and they are so much easier to find.  Who knew that something so trivial would be so incredibly beneficial?  I feel like I need to get up on a mountain and preach to my people and share with them that should they want more peace in their lives that it would be in their best interest to match their socks and then the blessings will pour out of the sky like manna from the heavens.


What brings you peace? Hope? Calm? Laughter?

Do you have animals, and/or family or friends that light up your life?

Is there something that seems to be trivial that has brought immense joy to your life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, leave me a comment and share with me, I would love to hear about your world..

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