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Face masks and more

Last night, I FaceTimed with my parents, which is great, but it’s not the same as being with them in person.  One may think our separation is due to COVID-19, and that has a part to do with it.  Another part is that we live on opposite coasts.  It’s been more than 3 years since I saw my parents.

We were supposed to go on a cruise in June that has been planned for more than a year.  There was much anticipation, but due to the Coronavirus it was my decision to back out of the cruise.

Most recently, I received a face mask that my mother made me.  It has a beautiful pink


background with floral accents.  I put the mask on, smelled the fabric and it smelled like her.  I welled up with tears.  Although it was upsetting, it was calming as well.  I realized she has been protecting me since conception and 35 years later she is still protecting me.

With the pandemic in place I have lacked all desire to craft.  I’d look in my craft room and just turn away, saddened by the lack of flame burning inside of me.  After receiving the gift from my mother, I was finally inspired to craft.  I broke out my sewing machine, a gift from my mother in law.  The sewing machine was one she had for years and a machine that made numerous creations.  Now it belongs to me, such an honor.

IMG_3410I was finally motivated to craft, and I decided to try my hand at creating cloth face masks.  I watched a tutorial, and there was some yelling at the video due to the instructor going too fast.  My first attempt was a mess.  Nothing matched, it was the wrong size, there was exposed stitching.  Just no.  When I tried again, my second attempt ended up being a beautiful creation.

It was at this time I took a moment and contacted my mom.  I shared that I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I let her know that I too was making cloth face masks, much like she had done for me.  She inspired me with her creations, those that I knew my stepfather was supporting her and encouraging her each step of the way.  Then there was the fact that I am using the sewing machine that has previously created so many gifts made out of love by my mother in law and was using fabric that she gifted me.  With all of that I was also sewing in my craft room, where my father took my design and brought it to life.  I have always wanted a craft room, and he made that dream come true.

Due to the stay-at-home orders, I am not able to see the people that I love.  This has been hard, but I keep reminding myself that those people, that mean so much to me, are with me in my heart and will always be close to me.

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