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It won’t always be like this

hand holdingREPOST: With all that is happening in the word, in my life, within the four walls of my home, I felt the desire to repost this blog entry.  It has been on my mind a lot lately and I feel the need to put it back out there.


There is a newer song on the radio titled, “It won’t always be like this”, and it is performed by Carly Pearce.  The first time I heard this song I cried big, wet tears.  They flooded down my face along with my mascara.

The tears were not due to the part about leaving her hometown as described in the first verse.  I left my hometown nearly 11 years ago and I have not looked back.

The second verse about being twenty-two and not having a clue, that one stung a bit.  As I was able to totally relate, oh those early years in my twenties, so full of regret.  That part of the song made me well up with tears.

When I had the big, wet tears was the third verse.  The verse is about what I assume to be her partner.  She sings:

Looking at you looking back at me

All I wanna do is make another memory

And love you like it’s the end

‘Cause it won’t always be like this

It won’t always be like this


Even right now I am getting tear filled eyes. There is truth in her words.  Things won’t always be like this; things change over time.  I don’t interpret the lyrics as meaning the ending of a relationship, but how relationships change as time progresses.  We age every day, week, month and year.  Our bodies, minds, and our spirits change.

Recently I have been hit with the big, ugly reality stick when it comes to the realization how time is so fleeting.  I also feel like I am realizing what to be true right now is not guaranteed forever.

From this, I have concluded that it’s imperative to make the call, meet for coffee, send a “I’m thinking about you” note.  Do it now while you still have the opportunity.  Make another memory, love like it’s the end.

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