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One of “those” days…

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I’ve had one of “those” days where you cry at kitty pate commercials, wipe your eyes and then wonder if said pate is for human consumption.
Yesterday evening I find myself in need of groceries so when I get to the store, do half my shopping, go to the pharmacy and there it is that I discover, sure as shit I don’t have my wallet.
My cart is held and I go to my car. No luck. Or shall they say shit out of luck.

With tears in my eyes (and my eye balls), I call my main squeeze and he instantly turns into a brave knight, stops what he is doing (making me dinner) to come pay for our groceries (aka rescue me).

Within minutes he’s there waiting for me near the section where kale lives and guess what he has? My bright pink wallet!!  I inquire where it was and it turns out it was by where my purse had been on the table by the door.

Now choice time: do we go with Adventure A or B. Tick tock tick tock, clock is ticking, time to make a decision…

Let’s go with A
I jump up in the air and he catches me, we have a sappy but loving embrace and there are unicorns shooting rainbows out their bums.

Realistically let’s go with B
I started to well up with tears, lip quivering behind my mask and I uttered out a thank you. No embracing no kissing, 6 feet apart people!

So with this nonsense taken care and out of the way, I skip down the main aisle and  of the grocery side of the store and resume my shopping. I slowly approach the toilet paper aisle (or did I nick the heals of the person in front of me as I was operating my cart as if I was cruella Deville looking for puppies?)
Regardless, I turn the corner and I begin to weep.

There’s fucking toilet paper.

It’s manna from heaven.

An oat milk steamed latte in a double lined cup.

It’s getting to the register as you, filled with guilt, by another dress (on clearance) only to find it’s even MORE on clearance and you are convinced Jesus wants you to have this dress.

The day has been rough. But the day got better. Don’t give up hope. I love you ❤️

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