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Day 16: Bootstrap Belle


photography of a girl in red shirt with blue denim jeans and red leather wide calf boots jumping
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I would like to share with you a short story character that I created.  She is a kick ass lil’ miss, never letting anything keep her down and always being victorious at the end of the day.  She has a sparkle in her eye that lets you know that she’s got it and you don’t need to worry.


The character is Bootstrap Belle, a child that was created based off of yours truly.  Details about Bootstrap include pigtails, freckles that cross the bridge of her nose and an orange tabby cat companion.  The attribute that stands out the most is the red boots that she rocks like a country star.  When she wears her boots, she walks with her head high and her shoulders back displaying all of her confidence.

As she goes on adventures, she is met with challenges; physically, mentally, and morally, and then towards the end of the adventure you think she might not succeed, but then she heroically saves the day.


As I have gotten older, I have lost some of the qualities that Bootstrap has.  She was created as a part of me, but those specific attributes have gotten a little dusty.

In a silly light, I do not own red cowboy boots, mine are brown, they are worn and scuffed and beautiful.  My hair is not quite the length of my counterpart, but I can rock some baby, spikey pig tails.  I have got her beat on freckles, as I have a bazillion.

The areas that are a bit dirty are related to my self-confidence.  Bootstrap’s love for herself is soaring, where mine is sputtering.  I do not walk with my head high, nor do I walk with my shoulders back, I just suffer from too much insecurity.


I have a big adventure to go on.  I have my tabby by my side (he is my emotional support animal) and my boots on.  I am standing tall, pretending that my nose needs to sniff the air for rain.  My shoulders are back, so much so I feel like Austin Power’s fem bots ready to take action.

I am going to not walk or hike into this adventure, I am going to march.  I’ve got this.

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Bootstrap Belle”

  1. A very wise man (SANTA!) once told me, “Never loose you’re child-like wonder!” I challenge you (all) to do the same. In the innocence of childhood we see beyond myopia, in the innocence of childhood we believe in the impossible, in childhood innocence we imagine the impossible and in childhood innocence we love unconditionally!
    My love,

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