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Selfies: A Yes or A No?

selfieI was on Pinterest moseying around looking at this and that and I came across blog topic ideas.  I looked at it and thought, I can use this tool as sometimes I get in a rut, like most people.  It’s especially beneficial as I am going through this emotional and mental roller coaster.  And it may be more entertaining for my readers if I wrote about something other than mental health.

As I began reading I found that, there were a TON of ideas, however most ideas I would not ever write about.  “What’s behind your name?” Who knows?  I know that the original name that was picked out was Rachel Ellen, so dignified and sophisticated.  And then when I arrived it changed to Michelle Nicole.  Not a bad name by any means, but not as sophisticated as Rachel Ellen.

Another suggestion was a gift guide for an upcoming holiday.  Ummm, no clue, blank face.  Do not get me wrong I LOVE to shop, but it is when it is for me, mainly, or for someone else, like a person I know.  To me shopping is a scavenger hunt and I am in love with the discovery part of the experience.  I could never blankly suggest items for others, because I have no clue who they are and what they like. It is an entire complicated process.

The suggestion that I saw and got all giggly about was about Selfies.  Ta Da!  I am under the impression that you either love them like they are part of you or you loathe them, so much so you feel like you may puke down the front of your shirt.

I personally am a fan of selfies.  Now selfies with other people are different than regular smile in the mirror and stick your booty out selfie.  I have totally cut down on group selfies.  Not sure why, but with group selfies my massive head looks simply gigantic in those pictures, I am shallow and do not want to look like a clown in pictures taken.

With distinguishing a selfie from a let’s call it a “groupie” out of the way let’s chat about selfies.

I love dressing up.  My closet is my place of peace and harmony.  I go through the materials that hang (all crooked and uneven) on the closet bars and it is pure bliss.  Nothing is coordinated, shirts are mixed with dresses, green with pinks, but I use my magic fingers and pull out exactly what I was looking for and it is wonderful, delightful and equivalent of rainbows with unicorns.

Once I am dressed, I am in front of my full-length mirror checking myself all out like a creepy stalking guy who thinks he may have a chance as I am walking past him on a street. I just get so damn excited.  So I snap a picture, actually like 5-6 and pick the best one, edit it and send it.

In my humble yet accurate opinion, sending selfies should be selective.  And by that, I mean you send it to your mama.  I do this nearly every day.  She needs to see that I am alive and looking hot in my not so designer threads.  I also like her to have a recent picture of me incase something happens and there is a request for pictures of yours truly.

Obviously, I am a fan of selfies.  They make me feel like a model and for a little bit every morning I get to play dress up and escape from reality for a wee bit.

What do you think about selfies and/or groupies?

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