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Question: What is the best or your most favorite part of your wardrobe?

As discussed in previous blog posts I have shared, I have a love affair with my wardrobe.  Now that I think about it, we have yet to even speak about my shoe collection (be still my pounding heart!).  A collection of shirts, skirts, pants, jeans, and dresses, are the things that make up my clothes wonderland.  At times it is incredibly hard to decide what to wear.  I begin to understand why artists change their outfits multiple times during performances, they probably can not decide what they want to wear because there is just too much to choose from.

This morning I was torn between wearing an A-line skirt or a pencil skirt.  Followed by deciding which color and pattern.  Do I wear a white top or a blank top?  Should I wear a mustard colored shoe to add a pop of color or keep it simple with a black kitten pumps?  So many questions, so little time.  And, usually the reason I am tardy to work.

When it comes to accessorizing, the thing that tends to be overlooked is how much a belt adds to an outfit.  Focus tends to be paid on jewelry, which I LOVE, but a necklace can only do so much.

My outfit today is good, but with a wide black belt added to the ensemble is what made it GRAND.  Like the kind of outfit that when you are wearing it, you are walking with a little bit more movement in your hips because you know you look like a model, and you are rocking it.

That is my answer to the question posed above (“What is the best or your most favorite part of your wardrobe?”)  My most favorite accessory is a belt.  To me an outfit is not complete without one. I personally feel naked if I do not have one on.  I currently have been scouting out a nice wide red belt.  I am totally drooling and cannot wait for that retailer to open their doors so I can swoop in and make it mine.

I attribute my love for belts to the show “What Not to Wear”.  This, for years, was my go-to show.  I spent hours watching and mentally talking notes.  I learned so very much.  I think the biggest thing that I learned was how to dress for MY body.  Not what the mannequin was wearing, but what would look most appealing on ME.  I have a little in the middle and some junk in the trunk, so a belt helps to accentuate what I have been given.

If you do not own a belt, I would suggest starting with one wide black belt and a skinny one too.  Get one that fits at your natural waist (usually around your belly button) and start experimenting.  Have fun!  Get creative, mix colors, go outside your comfort zone.

Remember you are wonderfully and beautifully made, a creation that is spectacular and exquisite.

2 thoughts on “Accessorizing”

  1. Great, I started singing in my mind “Little in the middle and not much back. ” Now, that song is in my head. ‘Baby Got Back ‘.

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