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A Phone Call Away

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Today is a day when I needed my mama.  I texted and asked when she was free, if she could call me.  I waited.  I tried to stay busy, but I was anxious and holding back the tears.  I really wanted to hear her voice, but I knew that she was otherwise preoccupied.

It seemed like hours went by waiting for her to call when in fact it was like 9 minutes and 27 seconds (to be precise).

When she called and I nearly burst into tears just hearing her voice.  My lip stuck out and it was quivering.

Sometimes a girl just needs her mom, and at this point, that is where I was, I needed my mama.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing really was wrong.  The thing that WAS wrong was my brain.  She was playing tricks on me.  The thoughts discrediting the progress that I have made and how I am successfully now in a better place.

These are the things that mama pointed out.  Her natural gift of affirming me came to light which was a blessing.  With her words she put me back in my place.  Even pointing out that every single day I face the day, dressing myself up and I make life happen.

The hardest thing that she said was that I have been through worse.  She also pointed out that I made it.  It was hard to remember how much worse it has been in the past.  Those memories are hard to bear.

Today between my mother and my spouse, I am feeling incredibly supported, like I have this amazing Victoria’s Secret Wonder Bra on, one that is basically a flotation device, in pink, with lace, to be exact.

There are hard days.  And there’s good days too.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that even though it may feel like it is a grueling day, that there have been worse days, so in comparison today is actually a good day.

I love that my mother and spouse help to turn things around for me.  The whole when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade thing is so accurate.

Today I am taking my lemons, and I am going to make my lemonade.  It was brought to my attention that we can take what we have and twist it a bit and make it into something beautiful, like life.  It’s such a beauty and today, I was graciously reminded of that.

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