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Giving Yourself Credit


gray scale photo of an analog camera
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There are times when we need to stop and give ourselves credit.  Let me rephrase that, there are times that I need to stop and give myself credit.

I am going to say it, I am doing a hell of an excellent job, as are you.

Often, I find that I set unrealistic expectations for myself and then spiral into a fit of tears when I can not achieve what I set out to take on.

There are few times that I am able to look at myself and say job well done ma’am in an honest and sincere demeanor.  In a similar approach,  there are days that I look in the mirror and I stare at myself and I think, gosh, you are pretty.

Right now is one of those times when I find myself using something my therapist shared with me.  It’s the idea of the wide angle lens.  On a camera you can zoom in and out, or even use a different lens that allows you to take in more of the scene therefore changing and potentially improving your picture.

My therapist often challenges me to use the wide-angle lens.  To think about what the big picture is, and not get so caught up with the trivial things.

For me, the thing I have been caught up on has been this recent medication change.  I gained weight when I was first on its years ago, but I also ate very differently back then.  Big picture or wide-angle lens tells me that things are different this go around.  I am also on other medications which change my body composition.  My diet is far improved, and I have a moderate exercise program.  With all of this, history will not necessarily repeat itself.

An important thing is my mindset change.  I still have some twisted thinking, but I am more accepting of myself, all of me.  Much like there are times when I look in the mirror and see a beauty, and there are even times when I scroll down and go, “hot damn girl, you fine!”

I think that, for me, it is time to give myself credit, credit for all I have accomplished.  Now, then, in 2020 and old school back in 1990 (I made some pretty amazing artwork with my crayons).  Life is no where anywhere close to what I thought it would be.  Not today, not from a year ago, five years ago, etc.…

But what I have learned is that there are gifts in everything.  It is about seeing them and accepting them.  I have chosen to accept my gifts.  Even when my gifts come packaged in a bag of poop.

Let us (me) not forget the strength that lives within us (me).  We are strong.  We are capable and We are resilient.  May you feel a blessed while you embark on your journeys.

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