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It takes a village

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Life with a mental illness is challenging.  Not only for the person who has the diagnosis, but for those that love that person.

Last night after work, I was in my sewing room (of course) and I had company (which was pretty awesome).  A question was asked about dinner, preparation and what should be done about it.  I looked at my companion and said, “I don’t remember the last time I actually made dinner!”  I used to make dinner nearly every night, but recently I have been hiding and not holding up my part of the deal.

I am incredibly appreciative of how my family is supporting me.  Cooking dinner, doing chores, sitting with me, all the while I ride out this wave of mania (and current obsession with sewing).

They say that it takes a village to raise a child.  I feel it takes a village to support a person with mental health challenges.  It is not a one “man” job, it takes the skills of multiple people to get the job done.

I do not think that thank you is enough.  I say it, and I mean it from the entirety of my heart, but it just does not seem to encompass the desires of my heart.  The fullness I feel when I see my family.  The love and kindness that are evident in their eyes.  The fact that I am tearing up right now just thinking about how much love I receive on a daily basis.

I am anxiously looking forward to getting back to a more normative routine.  One where I am sleeping the whole night, I have my appetite back, and I am not thinking doom and gloom all the time.  I want to be “back”.  It cannot come soon enough.

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