Bipolar Disorder, Everyday Life, recovery

I am not ready…

I am not ready.

Not ready for a slew of things. Whether it’s getting up, showered, and dressed (good ole depression) or heading into work sitting in traffic and actually working.

I am not ready to get older or for my kids to grow up (more). Im not ready to have relationships change even for the better.

The list of things I am not ready for could go on for an eternity.

But, but, there’s always a but l, I AM brave. And with this braveness I can accomplish all things that I am not ready to do. Because I have a spirit that burns bright like that of the Phoenix dwelling within me, I will be victorious.

The universe likes brave. I like to be liked. We are a match.

I am not ready.

I am brave.

The universe listens to brave.

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