Bipolar Disorder, Everyday Life

Keep Going

I often feel like my boot is stuck in the mud.

I can’t seem to wiggle it free so I stand there. I usually start to cry. I know I can step out of my boot and be free, muddy but free, but I want my boot, both of them and I want to be walking freely.

It is the reminder that THIS is temporary usually (yes I said usually) gets me through. Knowing that the situation I am in WILL pass and the grey skies will part and the “sun will come out tomorrow” as the song goes.

As hard as it is on days like today, and yesterday and the two months preceding those dates, I am going to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

In my mind, the keep going forward is the only choice we have.

5 thoughts on “Keep Going”

  1. You’re a loving, caring person. You are never stuck there are plenty of people who need someone of your nature. Consider Jesus Christ as your lord & saviour the rest is simply a bonus. You are causing no harm whenever you feel upset focus on the external rather than the internal. Rest assured that God doesn’t make inferior people simply people forget how amazing they are. We are always learning always improving always getting better stands to reason that this is the best day ever it is impossible to get worse. Whenever you get upset it’s because you are loving caring person so you need to question why am I getting upset being a loving caring person should bring you joy not upset. Love from Pook that’s spelt Pdoubleok, not just ok but doubleok lol.x

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  2. Love how you know it’s temporary I am absolutely sure we could improve on stacking reasons that high you will amazing view. I totally believe in you God totally believes in you. Don’t curse the gift of life with negative thinking. In fact whenever you’re upset contact me together we will save the obvious from oblivion.X You are living undeniable proof of God feel accordingly. I can’t stand to think of you upset you are truly amazing I’ll say it again you are a loving, caring person these are reasons for joy not upset


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