The road ahead

How often do I forget that I am on a path that is taking me where I need to be?

I am not in control of where the path takes me but more of in control of the reigns of the horse that I’m riding on said path going in said direction to said where I am supposed to be.

My road has not been easy. There’s been twists, turns and low hanging branches. I have been bucked and thrown off my horse, my own horse. But I dusted myself off, checked for wounds and got right back up.

And this is what I think life is. Riding along, getting bucked off my horse, getting back up on said horse and with grace (and probably some branches in my hair) heading back towards this unknown destination.

And, here’s the big one, I’m still heading in the direction of where I am supposed to be.

3 thoughts on “The road ahead”

  1. What I love about you is that which helps you inturn you share as it no doubt can help fellows. You have a gift & that you share it is a truly beautiful thing. What has helped me no end is expecting nothing & appreciating everything. I hope in time you become one with the horse in fact I know that in time you will become one with the horse. By reading your blogs you are improving all the time. I truly enjoy your posts. Wishing you joy & never upset. Joyful is as God intended. When you are upset you are not thinking straight. Think how productive you are when you are when you are full of hope & positive. Ultimately it’s all perception. What further enhances you is that you offer valuable support for free. You are an absolute legend.

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