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Each day is a gift

Within the last two months someone I knew from my childhood and growing up years passed away suddenly at a young age.  I was presently not close to this person but found out about her passing through social media.  It hurt my heart immensely. I hurt for her spouse and her family.  She was young… Continue reading Each day is a gift

Bipolar Disorder, Everyday Life, recovery, therapy

The calm after the storm

As I sit before this blank document my mind swirls with thoughts.  So much has happened since I last posted a blog and I don’t exactly know where to begin.  Babbling has been on the back burned as my mental health took a turn for the worse and it was an “all hands on deck”… Continue reading The calm after the storm

Bipolar Disorder, Everyday Life, recovery

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

Do you remember the game, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?  It’s from back in the 90’s and it was my favorite.  Maybe second favorite to Oregon Trail, but I always seemed to die from dysentery in that game, and there was no dying in Carmen San Diego, so that is probably why… Continue reading Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?

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A Babbles Babble

I have so many thoughts, and they are not flowing in any semblance of order today.  There is no rhyme or reason to what is coming to my mind.  It is kind of like a popcorn machine making a batch.  Here is an idea, there is another, and then a third.  Nothing brings them together,… Continue reading A Babbles Babble

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Photo by Alena Koval on I have been thinking, a lot.  Like all the time, very much so stuck in my head. I have seen a continued improvement in my mood and overall composure, but still very much so stuck in my head.  I am learning more about mindfulness and am working to apply… Continue reading Growth

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I have been in seclusion and it has been sometime since I have created a blog entry.  The ability to write was not present as I was facing trials and tribulations.  There just was not bandwidth to write.  Plus, for once in my life, I had nothing to say. I am not going to go… Continue reading Resurfacing

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Worst Bad Days

In 2016 I thought that I had the worst of bad days when I was going through this rough patch diagnosed as severe rapid cycling bi polar with psychosis post-hysterectomy.  How could that be what’s “wrong” with me? I don’t have mental illness. “I’m fine”. It was the worst of bad days.  Followed by many, many… Continue reading Worst Bad Days

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Keep Going

I often feel like my boot is stuck in the mud. I can’t seem to wiggle it free so I stand there. I usually start to cry. I know I can step out of my boot and be free, muddy but free, but I want my boot, both of them and I want to be… Continue reading Keep Going

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I am not ready…

I am not ready. Not ready for a slew of things. Whether it’s getting up, showered, and dressed (good ole depression) or heading into work sitting in traffic and actually working. I am not ready to get older or for my kids to grow up (more). Im not ready to have relationships change even for… Continue reading I am not ready…

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A broken arm

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Let’s say I was roller blading (which anyone my age should NOT do) and I fell.  I ran into a trashcan and I flipped and landed on my arm.  It snapped, just like a wishbone. Should this have happened I would go to the hospital and I would get it… Continue reading A broken arm