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Bella’s Babbles Friday Edition 3/22/2019

This week is Spring Break for my house hold so it has been a little bit of a different vibe and for sure a different schedule.  The later half of the week the whole family has been home together, and it has been harmonious.  But just because Spring is here and teens are off school,… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles Friday Edition 3/22/2019

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When Motivation Meets Discipline

I started this blog yesterday, I was motivated, but I got distracted, and my discipline did not kick in and therefore it was not completed, oh the irony… I don’t recall that I have ever been a real morning person.  I don’t wake up and think, “oh this is a glorious day, let me place… Continue reading When Motivation Meets Discipline

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Kind Words that Eliminate Fears

Today I am reminded how kind words can be transforming for a person and can assist in eliminating fears. To have someone speak to you kindly, with compassion and love from their heart can be exactly what you need on any given day.  And then when someone identifies your demanding work and points out that… Continue reading Kind Words that Eliminate Fears

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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 3/15/2019

The babble for today, the third Friday in March, is a bit more spectacular, not just special, but stupendous, than any other Friday edition of a babble… this may be making you scratch your forehead in confusion, so let me fill you in… are you ready for it, are you sure? Make sure you are… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 3/15/2019

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Enhancing What I’ve Been Given

At this point in my life, I wear make up nearly every day, except on the weekends unless I am going out for a meal.  If I am just running errands on a Saturday or Sunday, I usually do not doll myself up.  I just go bare faced and let the world see me as… Continue reading Enhancing What I’ve Been Given

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Reading Tea Leaves

In 2004 I began my career as an executive assistant.  Throughout the last 15 years I have worked in a few different capacities while working in this career.  I dabbled as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator, a Customer Service Representative, a Team Lead and a Project Manager.  However, much like Dorothy, I always went back… Continue reading Reading Tea Leaves

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My Friend is Depressed: What Do I Do?

I originally wrote this back in May 2018 as a guest blogger on another site, but wanted to share it on my personal site as I feel a strong need to share it today... I have suffered from depression on and off for much of my life.  Some episodes have been worse than others.  But… Continue reading My Friend is Depressed: What Do I Do?