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Celebrating 10 Years – Aluminium

A decade consists of ten years. When it comes to relationships, in today’s day and age, ten years in existence to be considered vintage. I am proud, ecstatic, emotionally thrilled, to share that we are celebrating our tenth year together as of this weekend. Looking back, there are years that went by quick, like super… Continue reading Celebrating 10 Years – Aluminium

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Bella’s Babbles: Sunday Edition 06/30/2019

  It’s been a number of weeks since a babble has been published on a Friday as I had originally planned, my apologies for my tardiness and across the board inconsistency.  However, although I am working on it, I am not the most on time, consistent creature in the world, and then when you throw… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Sunday Edition 06/30/2019

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Bella’s Babbles: Saturday Edition 06/22/19

Up, Up and Away… no I am not a balloon, but on an airplane at the present moment in aisle seven.  We had a 6 AM flight, yes, you read that correctly, and no I did not know that they had flights that early either, but they do and there are people crazy enough to… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Saturday Edition 06/22/19

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I found joy in jelly

Last week was what seemed like an impossible week.  Working to come down from weeks of mania we got aggressive (be aggressive, be be aggressive!) and it took a toll on my body.  I could barely function, but I was too stubborn to take time off work due to an upcoming vacation that now is… Continue reading I found joy in jelly

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Bella’s Babble’s: Saturday Edition 06/15/2019

It was, yet again, one of those weeks, where Friday came and went and there was not time to sit down and type out babbles.  Don’t be afraid, there were babbles, but they just were not formally written. And Poof, the mania is gone… If only it were that simple.  The mania has subsided, but… Continue reading Bella’s Babble’s: Saturday Edition 06/15/2019

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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (again)

This morning was rough, I was totally dragging butt.  I found it nearly impossible to function.  I felt heavy, lethargic, in capable to move and words can not begin to describe how I struggled to think.  But, I fought through it. I chose a “get out of jail free card” and worked from home in… Continue reading The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow (again)

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My Unquiet Mind

I find it incredibly peculiar how things come to being priorities in my life. I am the kind of a person that has nearly always been a “I have to have it now or I may die” melodramatic, impulsive, I call it being me, person.  At times, it has served me well, others not so… Continue reading My Unquiet Mind