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Today is a Good Day

The last month has been filled with excitement, energy, loneliness and sadness.  The mania was exhilarating and misleading in that they felt like out of this world amazing days.  The depression was heavy and daunting, making me feel anger and major frustration.  And then there is now… I am back on an upswing, perhaps it’s… Continue reading Today is a Good Day

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The Doctor Will See You Now

It had been six weeks since I saw my doctor last, the longest I have gone without seeing my psychiatrist in the past.  Everything had been going ok during the time between visits until it wasn’t ok.  And it was the instability that I had experienced in the previous weeks that had me worried about… Continue reading The Doctor Will See You Now

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Sunday Funday

I received a gentle nudge on my exposed shoulder.  It seemed like I had just fallen asleep, so this must be a dream.  But alas, it was not.  It was precisely 6:06 AM and it was time to rise and shine.  Not being a morning person, the six o’clock hour does not usually come with… Continue reading Sunday Funday

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Fighting Depression

After sleeping some 13 hours (yes you are reading that correctly) from Friday into Saturday morning, I was determined that I was going to take an assertive attack on the depression that was lurking over my head like a dark cloud.  It was during the consumption of a cup of coffee that I devised my… Continue reading Fighting Depression

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Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

Laying in bed, I can see the sun shining through the window.  My red curtains are illuminated and resemble more of a dusky pink in the darkened room.  I am on my stomach and am in the most incredibly comfortable position.  Everything is bliss, except for the sound of my alarm chirping away.  It’s the… Continue reading Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

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How Music Can Affects My Mood

I like music.  It fills the emptiness that is in my car while commuting to work.  It creates company when I am in the kitchen cooking my family dinner.  It provides a distraction while I am studying and attempting to concentrate on the concepts that I am learning. There are so many types of music… Continue reading How Music Can Affects My Mood

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The Ups and Downs of a Mixed Episode

My last post was about all the things that I accomplished within a week or two period.  There were cakes, birthdays and concerts, oh my!  I was going from one thing to another, be bopping along, nearly constantly moving minus the times when I was zonked out taking a nap mid-day because my energizer battery… Continue reading The Ups and Downs of a Mixed Episode