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Day 23: Irritability

There are tears today, tears of frustration. I am struggling to type; it feels like there is a fight between my fingers and the keyboard keys.  So many typos. Typing the wrong letters in incorrect order in a dyslexic manner.  As I consider myself to be an educated and gifted person, this is a huge… Continue reading Day 23: Irritability

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History of Bella’s Babbles Name

In a continued effort to add some variety to this blog I have been reading a bit about ways to enhance the blogging experience.  While I was reading I came across a suggestion to share about the name of your blog.  This caught my interest, and I was like, “I can do this!” Not long… Continue reading History of Bella’s Babbles Name

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Day 21: Tired

It is officially the third week since riding out this Bipolar rapid cycling episode. The counting of days in the title comes from the days since I had the breakdown.  It is hard to believe it has been 3 weeks already. My doctors are working hard to help me, assist my body to heal, get… Continue reading Day 21: Tired

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Question: What is the best or your most favorite part of your wardrobe? As discussed in previous blog posts I have shared, I have a love affair with my wardrobe.  Now that I think about it, we have yet to even speak about my shoe collection (be still my pounding heart!).  A collection of shirts,… Continue reading Accessorizing

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Selfies: A Yes or A No?

I was on Pinterest moseying around looking at this and that and I came across blog topic ideas.  I looked at it and thought, I can use this tool as sometimes I get in a rut, like most people.  It’s especially beneficial as I am going through this emotional and mental roller coaster.  And it… Continue reading Selfies: A Yes or A No?

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Repost: The Perfect Figure: 36″-24″-36″

I am reposting this blog as it is point on today. I am back on Saphris and I am having similar whoas as expressed in the post... I must remain humble but reading my own words brought tears to my eyes... I should listen to myself a bit more... For many, many years, I have… Continue reading Repost: The Perfect Figure: 36″-24″-36″

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Day 19: Liar

How often do you find yourself telling the truth? And on the flip side, how often are you lying? I was sitting here thinking, as it seems I do a lot of that these days, as I was in t his place of contemplation  I realized that I tell a lot of people that when… Continue reading Day 19: Liar