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I am not ready…

I am not ready. Not ready for a slew of things. Whether it’s getting up, showered, and dressed (good ole depression) or heading into work sitting in traffic and actually working. I am not ready to get older or for my kids to grow up (more). Im not ready to have relationships change even for… Continue reading I am not ready…

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Relief is a noun defined as a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress. Simply stated, I am feeling relief. One may say, how is that possible in a time like now?  With all that is going on, for heaven’s sake we are in the middle of a pandemic.  How are… Continue reading Relief

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Anti-Anxiety Cat Napping Music Swaying

After a long weekend of embracing my inner cat (sleeping, napping, and sleeping some more), it is back to the work week and being human which consists of wearing form fitting clothes, a for-real bra, and make-up.  Every part of me thinks that the weekend went by too quickly and my inner cat still wants… Continue reading Anti-Anxiety Cat Napping Music Swaying

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Phobia Facing: Gym Germs

Some of the encouraging thoughts that are passing through my head today: Today is going to be the day! Yes, I am going to make it happen! I am going to do it! I have the materials, I put the mindset in place, I just need to get my butt there. Am I scared?  AM… Continue reading Phobia Facing: Gym Germs

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Dehydration Diagnosis Drama

Last week I met with my psychiatrist and we went over my bloodwork.  One piece of the results stood out as being slightly high.  I acted all cool like a cucumber that has been chilling in the fridge, but to see the number in red with the bold letter H next to it sent me… Continue reading Dehydration Diagnosis Drama

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Bella’s Babbles: Sunday 7/7/2019

I’ve been up since 430 AM, it’s the new witching hour for me.  Even my cats look at me like I have lost my mind.  Sure they are ecstatic that someone is up and willing to give them more food, but after 15 minutes or so, the fan fare has worn off and they wander… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Sunday 7/7/2019

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Celebrating 10 Years – Aluminium

A decade consists of ten years. When it comes to relationships, in today’s day and age, ten years in existence to be considered vintage. I am proud, ecstatic, emotionally thrilled, to share that we are celebrating our tenth year together as of this weekend. Looking back, there are years that went by quick, like super… Continue reading Celebrating 10 Years – Aluminium

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You Are Flawsome!~

Today I stood in the mirror in a black and green, high necked, knee length dress that was cinched at the waist with a black and white striped belt.  Platform mary jane black suede shoes were buckled on my feet.  Purple eye shadow covered my eye lids and black mascara was applied heavily to my… Continue reading You Are Flawsome!~

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A Vacation Away

A week ago, at the early hour of 6 AM we left the desert to head to the Pacific Northwest for a respite from the heat of the desert and returned home yesterday evening.  A full week away.  The weather while away was divine, the views were picturesque and my family had what seemed to… Continue reading A Vacation Away

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Bella’s Babbles: Saturday Edition 06/22/19

Up, Up and Away… no I am not a balloon, but on an airplane at the present moment in aisle seven.  We had a 6 AM flight, yes, you read that correctly, and no I did not know that they had flights that early either, but they do and there are people crazy enough to… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Saturday Edition 06/22/19