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Bumpy Landings

I have embarked on a number of trips via airplane.  For me, there is a considerable amount of stress that is part of the travel process.  The confined space on the plane, the people sitting so close, and the fear if they will they have enough coffee?  These are all things I worry over. Some… Continue reading Bumpy Landings

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Shedding Tears

Have you had the days when you just cannot keep tears from streaming down your face?  The harder you try, the more tears end up running away from your eyes as if they are being chased by a big, giant, ugly monster with bad breath. I am having that kind of a week (and it… Continue reading Shedding Tears

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Giving Yourself Credit

  There are times when we need to stop and give ourselves credit.  Let me rephrase that, there are times that I need to stop and give myself credit. I am going to say it, I am doing a hell of an excellent job, as are you. Often, I find that I set unrealistic expectations… Continue reading Giving Yourself Credit

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When the sun goes down

There are many creatures that surface when the sun falls behind the trees and stops illuminating the sky with its warmth and majesty. At this time, there are vampires, werewolves, and zombies to name a few (the only few that I know), that come out of their hidey holes.  Thinking about it, Werewolves, do they… Continue reading When the sun goes down

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Day 23: Irritability

There are tears today, tears of frustration. I am struggling to type; it feels like there is a fight between my fingers and the keyboard keys.  So many typos. Typing the wrong letters in incorrect order in a dyslexic manner.  As I consider myself to be an educated and gifted person, this is a huge… Continue reading Day 23: Irritability

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Repost: The Perfect Figure: 36″-24″-36″

I am reposting this blog as it is point on today. I am back on Saphris and I am having similar whoas as expressed in the post... I must remain humble but reading my own words brought tears to my eyes... I should listen to myself a bit more... For many, many years, I have… Continue reading Repost: The Perfect Figure: 36″-24″-36″

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Day 19: Liar

How often do you find yourself telling the truth? And on the flip side, how often are you lying? I was sitting here thinking, as it seems I do a lot of that these days, as I was in t his place of contemplation  I realized that I tell a lot of people that when… Continue reading Day 19: Liar

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Day 19: Luau Love

Saturday night I was sitting in a chair at the patio table in our backyard.  I was watching my teenagers sit in the adult inflatable pool that was illuminated by tiki torches.  They were talking and oh were they laughing.  I have no idea what was going on and that is fine, it did not… Continue reading Day 19: Luau Love

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Day 17: Part Two: Something’s Off

I have a super power… but it is kind of a secret, well I guess not now if I am going to tell you about it… ready, are you sure?  Do you think you can handle it?  It’s a biggie, don’t want you to lose your undies. I have the power of knowing when something… Continue reading Day 17: Part Two: Something’s Off

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Day 17: Mother’s Day

Mother's Day... The history of the holiday is quite interesting.  It was founded in the very early 1900’s by Anna Maria Jarvis.  It took a few years to get the idea off the ground but it quickly was a success and widely accepted prior to getting out of hand (i.e. a shit ton of commercialization). … Continue reading Day 17: Mother’s Day