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Love is patient

I have written about love in the past, but it has been heavy on my heart to write about it again. I do not know where I fall on the religious spectrum.  I was raised in a Christian household and primarily in the Southern Baptist Church.  There were many good years spent at this place… Continue reading Love is patient

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The Phoenix and a Diagnosis

  It is funny.  Not funny ha-ha, but funny the other way. I find it humorous how I can be in a “mood”, just in general.  It does not seem like it can get worse.  The irritability is present and boiling inside of me.  The irritability is something I am quite tired of.  All of… Continue reading The Phoenix and a Diagnosis

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A Phone Call Away

Today is a day when I needed my mama.  I texted and asked when she was free, if she could call me.  I waited.  I tried to stay busy, but I was anxious and holding back the tears.  I really wanted to hear her voice, but I knew that she was otherwise preoccupied. It seemed… Continue reading A Phone Call Away

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History of Bella’s Babbles Name

In a continued effort to add some variety to this blog I have been reading a bit about ways to enhance the blogging experience.  While I was reading I came across a suggestion to share about the name of your blog.  This caught my interest, and I was like, “I can do this!” Not long… Continue reading History of Bella’s Babbles Name

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Selfies: A Yes or A No?

I was on Pinterest moseying around looking at this and that and I came across blog topic ideas.  I looked at it and thought, I can use this tool as sometimes I get in a rut, like most people.  It’s especially beneficial as I am going through this emotional and mental roller coaster.  And it… Continue reading Selfies: A Yes or A No?

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Day 16: Bootstrap Belle

  I would like to share with you a short story character that I created.  She is a kick ass lil’ miss, never letting anything keep her down and always being victorious at the end of the day.  She has a sparkle in her eye that lets you know that she's got it and you… Continue reading Day 16: Bootstrap Belle

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Day 14: Wonderfully Made

You are beautifully and wonderfully made… Words written many years ago.  Yet, words that still heal all these years later. But the actuality of the matter is that is not “the” verse. It is what I remember about the verse.  It is what is motivating and inspiring to me.  The actual verse is: I praise… Continue reading Day 14: Wonderfully Made

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Babbles: Day 8

Changes are happening, there’s been a shift.  I am looking at things a little bit differently. I sit here, thinking and wondering what am I learning from this most recent rapid cycling episode? After much thought I realized I am learning that I have immense strength and perseverance.  I am powering through an aggressive bout… Continue reading Babbles: Day 8

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Manic Babbles

I have started three blogs so far today: One blog consisted of Kacey Musgrave lyrics, another one talked about snakes sloughing off their skin.  And the third talked about anxiety being a large dark monster that is engulfing me. As I keep writing, the words are going everywhere, this way and that way, all zig… Continue reading Manic Babbles

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The Little Things

This morning I sat quietly on the couch sipping coffee.  I sat next to my spouse and we didn’t say a word.  In place of our voices was the sound of birds chirping.  It was a beautiful, harmonious orchestra of sound.  I (for once) did not feel the need to talk, or chatter, babbling away… Continue reading The Little Things