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What in the F?

  Although I have been known to have quite the sailor’s mouth, today this is not the case.  The what in the F that I am referring to, is Fibromyalgia, that nasty disorder, disease, ailment, that plagues millions, and makes you feel like total poop for no reason in particular, out of the blue and… Continue reading What in the F?

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A Pain in the Neck

It’s been months and weeks since I have suffered with the discomfort in my body.  The pain the used to take over my body from the tips of my toes to the very top of my head.  It has been a true blessing to be out of pain and to be able to move freely… Continue reading A Pain in the Neck

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Where I’m Supposed to Be

Today I was driving into work and there was a very bad four car pile up.  I selfishly was thinking, “wow, I am happy that I am safe.  Good thing I decided to change up my hair for the fourth time this am causing me to leave the house late as that saved me from… Continue reading Where I’m Supposed to Be