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Online Shopping and In store Pick Ups

I love to shop.  There is no question about it.  It is my Achilles heal.  The thing that has always gotten me in trouble and the thing the continues to lure me into the dark side like an evil spirit or a siren calling my name as if I am a ship headed toward the… Continue reading Online Shopping and In store Pick Ups

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The Crafting Duo

I spent most of the weekend buried in fabric and thread.  But most importantly, I had my daughter by my side. Friday evening, we unburied the sewing machine from hibernation. It is an heirloom piece, a gift that was given to me by my mother-in-law when she received an upgrade a few years ago.  A… Continue reading The Crafting Duo

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Self-care Sundays

Sunday morning was spent baking up a storm, gluten free cakes, of course.  In previous years I have been known to make castle of cakes and have even completed wedding cakes for a few brides.  But, when the mental break down of 2016 stormed through, the creativity that used to swell within me, dried up… Continue reading Self-care Sundays

Bipolar Disorder

When ok, isn’t really ok

I am in a good place. I wake up nearly every day and I feel refreshed.  Focusing on positives makes me happy.  In regards to some aspects of my life that are not ideal, I press forward, knowing that the situation is temporary and “this too shall pass”. With the start of the new year,… Continue reading When ok, isn’t really ok