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A Day of Mindfulness

Sunday I had the opportunity to spend the day at a mindfulness conference.  It was part of the mindfulness class that I am taking and although it was not required, it was highly suggested that we attend the day long retreat as a way to move deeper into our practice.  Insert an influx in my… Continue reading A Day of Mindfulness

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Lemons and Lemonade

I originally wrote this piece and published it on another blog site this day one year ago, however, it is so spot on or where I am today, that I wanted to reshare it asit so crazy relates to where I am today...   On a nice, warm, spring day, what is better than enjoying… Continue reading Lemons and Lemonade

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Bella’ s Babbles : Friday Edition 2/8/2019

Well, made it to Friday, again!  Can I get a woot!  Woot?  It’s been a long week and I am relieved to have the weekend slowly approaching.  I am not relieved that it is slowly approaching but just relieved that it IS approaching. In this week’s babble post I have a few things that I… Continue reading Bella’ s Babbles : Friday Edition 2/8/2019

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Three Years Ago Today

A memory popped up on my facebook feed of an evening I spent with friends from three years ago.  It was one of those canvas painting nights.  We went out to eat burgers prior to the event and then spent several hours painting and of course laughing, lots of laughing.  It was a simply enjoyable… Continue reading Three Years Ago Today

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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 2/1/2019

Weighted Blanket I purchased a weighted blanket a month ago and hot damn I have never had such amazing sleep.  Not only am I sleeping better, but apparently, my baby kitty (a 6 year old, 20 pound orange and white tabby) is sleeping better too.  He has chosen to snuggle up next to me EVERY… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition 2/1/2019

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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition~1/25/19

  Much is on my mind today and I am struggling with narrowing my writing to just one topic. After much thinking, and pondering, I will touch on a few topics, in a babbling type fashion, due to my inability to settle on just one thought. Weight Loss I have been obsessed with losing weight… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition~1/25/19

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Tidying Up & Setting Boundaries

I have had this desire, drive, need, not sure what the exact word that best describes it, but it’s this inner knowing that I need to get my butt in the garage and go through my belongings and process them into trash, donate and keep piles.  Typically when I get into this mindset it is… Continue reading Tidying Up & Setting Boundaries