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The Phoenix and a Diagnosis

  It is funny.  Not funny ha-ha, but funny the other way. I find it humorous how I can be in a “mood”, just in general.  It does not seem like it can get worse.  The irritability is present and boiling inside of me.  The irritability is something I am quite tired of.  All of… Continue reading The Phoenix and a Diagnosis

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It takes a village

Life with a mental illness is challenging.  Not only for the person who has the diagnosis, but for those that love that person. Last night after work, I was in my sewing room (of course) and I had company (which was pretty awesome).  A question was asked about dinner, preparation and what should be done… Continue reading It takes a village

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A Babbles Babble for Today

There is much to say and nothing to say all at the same time.  So here they come… making a grand entrance, Babbles… ta da!   I find that it’s when I am in this place that babbles happen, some are decent other are basically crap.  So we will see where this one goes.  I’ll… Continue reading A Babbles Babble for Today

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The Red Queen

The Red Queen from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is quite known for exclaiming “Off with their head(s)!”  She had quite the temper, took it out on everyone and everything around her. Today, I feel like the Red Queen.  I want to walk through the office building yelling “Off with your head!” to each and every… Continue reading The Red Queen

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Bumpy Landings

I have embarked on a number of trips via airplane.  For me, there is a considerable amount of stress that is part of the travel process.  The confined space on the plane, the people sitting so close, and the fear if they will they have enough coffee?  These are all things I worry over. Some… Continue reading Bumpy Landings

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Shedding Tears

Have you had the days when you just cannot keep tears from streaming down your face?  The harder you try, the more tears end up running away from your eyes as if they are being chased by a big, giant, ugly monster with bad breath. I am having that kind of a week (and it… Continue reading Shedding Tears

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Day 23: Irritability

There are tears today, tears of frustration. I am struggling to type; it feels like there is a fight between my fingers and the keyboard keys.  So many typos. Typing the wrong letters in incorrect order in a dyslexic manner.  As I consider myself to be an educated and gifted person, this is a huge… Continue reading Day 23: Irritability

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Day 21: Tired

It is officially the third week since riding out this Bipolar rapid cycling episode. The counting of days in the title comes from the days since I had the breakdown.  It is hard to believe it has been 3 weeks already. My doctors are working hard to help me, assist my body to heal, get… Continue reading Day 21: Tired

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Day 19: Liar

How often do you find yourself telling the truth? And on the flip side, how often are you lying? I was sitting here thinking, as it seems I do a lot of that these days, as I was in t his place of contemplation  I realized that I tell a lot of people that when… Continue reading Day 19: Liar

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Day 19: Luau Love

Saturday night I was sitting in a chair at the patio table in our backyard.  I was watching my teenagers sit in the adult inflatable pool that was illuminated by tiki torches.  They were talking and oh were they laughing.  I have no idea what was going on and that is fine, it did not… Continue reading Day 19: Luau Love