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Day 17: Part Two: Something’s Off

I have a super power… but it is kind of a secret, well I guess not now if I am going to tell you about it… ready, are you sure?  Do you think you can handle it?  It’s a biggie, don’t want you to lose your undies. I have the power of knowing when something… Continue reading Day 17: Part Two: Something’s Off

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Day 16: Bootstrap Belle

  I would like to share with you a short story character that I created.  She is a kick ass lil’ miss, never letting anything keep her down and always being victorious at the end of the day.  She has a sparkle in her eye that lets you know that she's got it and you… Continue reading Day 16: Bootstrap Belle

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What is it like?

What is it like? I was asked… The snicker doodle in me wanted to say “what are you talking about?” but I knew what they meant.  It was THAT question. Out of love, and probably some curiosity, I have been asked numerous times what it’s like to have Bipolar.  Frankly, people just don’t get it… Continue reading What is it like?

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Day 14: Wonderfully Made

You are beautifully and wonderfully made… Words written many years ago.  Yet, words that still heal all these years later. But the actuality of the matter is that is not “the” verse. It is what I remember about the verse.  It is what is motivating and inspiring to me.  The actual verse is: I praise… Continue reading Day 14: Wonderfully Made

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Babbles: Day 8

Changes are happening, there’s been a shift.  I am looking at things a little bit differently. I sit here, thinking and wondering what am I learning from this most recent rapid cycling episode? After much thought I realized I am learning that I have immense strength and perseverance.  I am powering through an aggressive bout… Continue reading Babbles: Day 8

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Babbles: Day 7

  The best way to describe me today is very Punky Bruster (what an awesome show). Today is a pig tails day.  I just did not have it in me to blow dry out my hair this morning.  I did complete the application of make up, adorned my ears with dangles and a necklace to… Continue reading Babbles: Day 7

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Babbles: Day 6

I wake and stumble out of bed.  I feel dizzy and woozy.  It is not helping that I have a little fur ball so excited that his mommy is awake that he is running circles around my legs. I look in the mirror and oh my face!  Puffy hooded eye lids, dark circles under my… Continue reading Babbles: Day 6

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Friday Babbles: A Dry Well

There are many times that I have much to say but don’t end up writing. I stop myself from typing because what I have to say is not uplifting and edifying and I fear that I will not be a positive influence on others and therefore what I want to write should not be published.… Continue reading Friday Babbles: A Dry Well

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Hidden Blessings

This weekend I spent time doing numerous things: I napped (gloriousness, I tell you, pure heaven) I went to the gym (Not quite gloriousness, but a good experience that made me feel proud of my accomplishment) Tidying up parts of my home (again felt pride and accomplishment for getting things done off my to do… Continue reading Hidden Blessings

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A Memorial Hike

Five years ago today, I lost a mentor and friend of mine to cancer. It was a hard loss.  She was young, and so was I. A lot went down when she passed, and I think that made things extra hard.  I was grieving a lot more than just her, but some innocence too. It… Continue reading A Memorial Hike