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One of “those” days…

I’ve had one of "those" days where you cry at kitty pate commercials, wipe your eyes and then wonder if said pate is for human consumption. Yesterday evening I find myself in need of groceries so when I get to the store, do half my shopping, go to the pharmacy and there it is that… Continue reading One of “those” days…

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Pots on the Stove

It’s an overcast day and it is actually drizzling, which is uncommon where I live, as I live in the desert and we get very little rain.  The rain is a nice change, but its gloomy and it has left me wishing that I had the gull to lay down the money and buy a… Continue reading Pots on the Stove

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Mud on my shoes

When you walk, and let’s say you end up walking through some mud, and also let’s say that your foot gets stuck in the puddle of mud that you inadvertently walked through (it appears you were not paying much attention when you started on your walk), it makes the walk that much more difficult.  With… Continue reading Mud on my shoes


Just a good day or something more?

You question what it is. Is it a really good day? The art of coming out of the dark? The fact that I’m starting to feel better? Getting joy out of existence. Taking in each part of every day, living in it and loving it. Am I paying too much attention? Overanalyzing? Combing through the… Continue reading Just a good day or something more?

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Figuring Things Out

I get excited when I figure things out.  This stretches from small, little, non important things and then spans to grand things. Getting in Gear Yesterday I used the saying “I need to get my butt in gear” and it hit me like a pile of bricks to the head, that I knew what that… Continue reading Figuring Things Out

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A Babble from the Past: Oct 2010

A few months ago I retrieved my mail to find a large manila colored envelope.  And it was addressed to me.  I recognized the handwriting on the envelope, it was that of my mother’s.  Her penmanship neat, but realistic and easily legible.  Curious, I opened the envelope as I was walking back from the mailbox,… Continue reading A Babble from the Past: Oct 2010