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What Shoes are on my feet?

There are days that I amaze myself at how well I can function.  I am up, dressed, and totally on point.  Out the door before I am supposed to be, at my desk early and cranking away at the good ole to do list and making grand progress.  Almost robotic in a way.   Then… Continue reading What Shoes are on my feet?

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When Michelle IS afraid…

I think I shared this story before... It’s the one where we went to the beach for the first time as a blended family and the kids were younger. Being from the east coast I flocked to the water, it was soothing to my toes and my soul. Tottering behind me was my daughter.  She… Continue reading When Michelle IS afraid…

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I remember as a child going to the ocean.  Packing the car, so snug we could barely move, everything we needed, and only what we needed, for a week’s vacation, in a small compact sedan for a family of five to make a 3-hour drive to the coast.  I personally dreaded the drive, squeezed in… Continue reading Sandcastles

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Monsoons and Moodswings

Where I live, we have storms called Monsoons.  There are mainly dust storms, but sometimes are accompanied with rain, and massive wind.  What makes them unique is the fact that it can be bright and sunny in one part of the sky, pitch dark in another place, torrential down pour of rain in one area… Continue reading Monsoons and Moodswings

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Counting Down the Minutes

I have attempted to write all day. I started and stopped.  Erased and retyped.  Started over and added to. It is just not coming out of my brain and onto paper for me today.   It is Friday. It is the last Friday, the end of a long month, a day where the exhaustion is… Continue reading Counting Down the Minutes

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Blank Pages

I sit and stare at a blank page. Thoughts dash through my head, darting left and right, up and down. With all that’s going through my head one would think that I would be more than capable of transposing the combination of letters into sentences down on paper. But alas, the page is blank. I… Continue reading Blank Pages

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The Good in the Bad

Although today has not been the best of days… I overslept, my outfit is not the most flattering thing that I have ever worn, I forgot my makeup and my hair is dirty, I am challenging myself to find the good that still is happening in my life on this given day. Hunter My boy… Continue reading The Good in the Bad


Just a good day or something more?

You question what it is. Is it a really good day? The art of coming out of the dark? The fact that I’m starting to feel better? Getting joy out of existence. Taking in each part of every day, living in it and loving it. Am I paying too much attention? Overanalyzing? Combing through the… Continue reading Just a good day or something more?

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Pulling Myself Up By My Bootstraps

I leave the psychiatrist office and tears are streaming down my face, again. I have numerous mixed emotions.  Frustration, defeat, sadness, anger… and the good ole “why is this happening to me?” running through my mind…   I am well into a full month of a mixed episode, and the changes we have made to… Continue reading Pulling Myself Up By My Bootstraps

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The Year 2016

Two years ago, many events occurred that changed the lives of many.  Per the website On This Day (, the following events occurred: Mar 20 Barack Obama becomes the first US President to visit Cuba since 1928, arriving for a 2-day tour Apr 22 Paris Agreement on climate change signed in New York binding 195… Continue reading The Year 2016