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The Spawn of Satan

A spawn is defined as the following “the product or offspring of a person or place (used to express distaste or disgust)” by  This definition will come in handy as you continue to read this blog.  As discussed in previous blogs, I have never had a child.  Therefore, I do not have any spawn,… Continue reading The Spawn of Satan

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Think, Think, Think…

I sit in the front room of an empty office at the community table, alone.  It was a collaboration day, some of my favorite work days.  Gathering together with a group of insanely intelligent individuals to  talk about our project and brainstorm. However, today I struggled to focus.  It was my vibrating hand.  Shaking in… Continue reading Think, Think, Think…

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Medical Withdrawal

Friday afternoon I sat on the couch that was opposite my doctor.  She looked at my file (large, filled with numerous pages depicting my numerous visits).  She looked up and said, if you are back this soon, something must not be going very well.  I sighed (I hate sighing, I hate when others sigh, but… Continue reading Medical Withdrawal