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When I was 18 months old, I was playing in the yard with my older brother as my mom stood at the window watching us as she washed a few dishes.  Not long into being in the yard, my brother came inside and approached my mother.  He looked up at her while she was at… Continue reading Patience

Bipolar Disorder, Everyday Life, recovery, Uncategorized

Patience, the virtuous thing

How many times have you been told that patience is a virtue?  I have personally lost count.  Just so I clearly understood what a virtue was I looked it up (just love that I no longer have to pull out an actual dictionary and can go online, what an ingenious invention, but I digress…) and… Continue reading Patience, the virtuous thing

Everyday Life


I sit and I wait. I wait for the phone to ring, or to receive the notification of a text message. I’ve been fine all day, keeping myself busy doing this and that, rainy day projects that never seemed important until today.  There was never a desire to buckle down and concentrate and bulldoze my… Continue reading Waiting…