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Day 44: Days Explained

Photo by Pixabay on It has been a few posts since I did “the countdown” … the “countdown” that I never explained (or have I forgotten ?!?) It is day 44 since the breakdown that started this here spiral into rapid cycling that has tried (yes, tried being the most important word) to ruin… Continue reading Day 44: Days Explained

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Pokoj aka Polish Peace

Photo by Kaboompics .com on I am tired. Yet I am awake. I feel beat up. But in the same regard, I feel empowered. It is pretty mind blowing to be able to be in two places at once, oh like, let us say, rapid cycling?  Being up and down at the same time,… Continue reading Pokoj aka Polish Peace

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Bumpy Landings

I have embarked on a number of trips via airplane.  For me, there is a considerable amount of stress that is part of the travel process.  The confined space on the plane, the people sitting so close, and the fear if they will they have enough coffee?  These are all things I worry over. Some… Continue reading Bumpy Landings

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Day 21: Tired

It is officially the third week since riding out this Bipolar rapid cycling episode. The counting of days in the title comes from the days since I had the breakdown.  It is hard to believe it has been 3 weeks already. My doctors are working hard to help me, assist my body to heal, get… Continue reading Day 21: Tired

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Day 13: Love

Over the last four days there was quite a bit of thinking going on. My brain was on overdrive and at all times I wish I could have documented all the thoughts that I had rapidly expressing down my freeway of a brain on paper. A topic that continued to ruminate through all this thinking… Continue reading Day 13: Love

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Babbles: Day 8

Changes are happening, there’s been a shift.  I am looking at things a little bit differently. I sit here, thinking and wondering what am I learning from this most recent rapid cycling episode? After much thought I realized I am learning that I have immense strength and perseverance.  I am powering through an aggressive bout… Continue reading Babbles: Day 8

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Babbles: Day 7

  The best way to describe me today is very Punky Bruster (what an awesome show). Today is a pig tails day.  I just did not have it in me to blow dry out my hair this morning.  I did complete the application of make up, adorned my ears with dangles and a necklace to… Continue reading Babbles: Day 7