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What’s on your mind Michelle?

When I open my Facebook account, it asks me, What’s on your mind Michelle?  It’s a standard question, I am not sure how many people actually pay attention to it, but today, I did and today, it made me think.  What IS on my mind today? So I sat while I was “watching” the football… Continue reading What’s on your mind Michelle?

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It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane … It’s A Robe !?!

It was Christmas morning and it was the largest present that was wrapped with my name on it.  From the shape and depth I had a feeling that it was some sort of clothes beneath the wrapping paper.  As I opened the package, what did my eyes see but a dark blue thing.  At first… Continue reading It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane … It’s A Robe !?!

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A Reflection from Today

There are days where I just want to be in bed. To hide under my covers. The act of being hidden, to be unseen, to disappear, that is all that my brain can concentrate on. And on nearly all occasions when I feel this way, I am in no way, whatsoever, able to do what… Continue reading A Reflection from Today

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Pots on the Stove

It’s an overcast day and it is actually drizzling, which is uncommon where I live, as I live in the desert and we get very little rain.  The rain is a nice change, but its gloomy and it has left me wishing that I had the gull to lay down the money and buy a… Continue reading Pots on the Stove

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Mud on my shoes

When you walk, and let’s say you end up walking through some mud, and also let’s say that your foot gets stuck in the puddle of mud that you inadvertently walked through (it appears you were not paying much attention when you started on your walk), it makes the walk that much more difficult.  With… Continue reading Mud on my shoes

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The Unexpected Gift

The weeks leading up to Christmas I was stressing.  Stressing over this and that and everything in between.  I was stressing about the things that existed and the things that I was making up in my head.  I was stressing about what I had to do and when there was nothing to do.  Stress, stress,… Continue reading The Unexpected Gift

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Back to the Future

Anticipatory anxiety is when a person experiences anxiety about something that is going or about to happen.  It’s about something that we are making up in our heads.  This is the definition as per Michelle, not per Webster or Merriam dictionary, it’s based on my understanding.  I do it quite often, the whole anticipatory anxiety… Continue reading Back to the Future