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Question: What is the best or your most favorite part of your wardrobe? As discussed in previous blog posts I have shared, I have a love affair with my wardrobe.  Now that I think about it, we have yet to even speak about my shoe collection (be still my pounding heart!).  A collection of shirts,… Continue reading Accessorizing

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One of “those” days…

I’ve had one of "those" days where you cry at kitty pate commercials, wipe your eyes and then wonder if said pate is for human consumption. Yesterday evening I find myself in need of groceries so when I get to the store, do half my shopping, go to the pharmacy and there it is that… Continue reading One of “those” days…

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Online Shopping and In store Pick Ups

I love to shop.  There is no question about it.  It is my Achilles heal.  The thing that has always gotten me in trouble and the thing the continues to lure me into the dark side like an evil spirit or a siren calling my name as if I am a ship headed toward the… Continue reading Online Shopping and In store Pick Ups

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Facing Fears: Letting Go

Today was a Tuesday.  Just a Tuesday in January.  Nothing too spectacular about it.  It was the last Tuesday in January.  So I suppose that made it special.  It started out as a day where I felt pretty fancy in my new LuLaRoe dress, then got a little grey when I got a little overwhelmed… Continue reading Facing Fears: Letting Go

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Tidying Up & Setting Boundaries

I have had this desire, drive, need, not sure what the exact word that best describes it, but it’s this inner knowing that I need to get my butt in the garage and go through my belongings and process them into trash, donate and keep piles.  Typically when I get into this mindset it is… Continue reading Tidying Up & Setting Boundaries

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Bella Babbling: Friday Edition

Things that are crossing through my mind today… PT in a Dress Yesterday, due to traffic, I was not able to jet home and change into my work out clothes prior to arriving at physical therapy.  As result, this girl, was doing my exercises, and we stepped it up this visit, in a dress…. Talk… Continue reading Bella Babbling: Friday Edition

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Feeling all fancy dancy~

Its day three of wearing a dress to work.  Mind you I am wearing leggings with them, so it’s still quite comfy and I pair them with boots, so it’s not like I am all fancy with tights and stilettos or anything, but it’s still a dress. Yesterday was my birthday, so I for sure… Continue reading Feeling all fancy dancy~

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What’s on your mind Michelle?

When I open my Facebook account, it asks me, What’s on your mind Michelle?  It’s a standard question, I am not sure how many people actually pay attention to it, but today, I did and today, it made me think.  What IS on my mind today? So I sat while I was “watching” the football… Continue reading What’s on your mind Michelle?

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Beginning to Unravel

I sat on her couch and looked at her. I rambled through what had happened over the last week rapidly.  I wanted to get through all the mistakes I had made over the last week. I am a prideful person.  I take pride in being self sufficient and being able to stand on my own… Continue reading Beginning to Unravel

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Tick Tock…

Tick tock goes the clock.  One second at a time passes.  Sixty seconds turns into one minute.  Sixty minutes into one hour.  And so on and so on.  It takes one event to take place before the other can happen.  And it all takes, get this, time. Today I am reminded, oh so reminded, about… Continue reading Tick Tock…