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Babbles: Day 7

  The best way to describe me today is very Punky Bruster (what an awesome show). Today is a pig tails day.  I just did not have it in me to blow dry out my hair this morning.  I did complete the application of make up, adorned my ears with dangles and a necklace to… Continue reading Babbles: Day 7

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Babbles: Day 6

I wake and stumble out of bed.  I feel dizzy and woozy.  It is not helping that I have a little fur ball so excited that his mommy is awake that he is running circles around my legs. I look in the mirror and oh my face!  Puffy hooded eye lids, dark circles under my… Continue reading Babbles: Day 6

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Impatiently Waiting & Wishing

Is it rude to yawn when people are speaking?  I hope not, because I have a case of the yawns, like a super-duper bad case and these yawns are coming one after another and they are unstoppable.  I am crazy tired these days, like, let me take a snooze at the stop light, just for… Continue reading Impatiently Waiting & Wishing

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Bella’s Babbles: Monday Edition 07/15/2019

Friday slid into Saturday that jumped into Sunday which I slept through waking up far too early into Monday.  Have you ever had days like those, where one melted into the other?  It was a great weekend, but here it is nearly halfway through Monday and I am still fighting off the sleep monsters. It… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Monday Edition 07/15/2019

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Girls Night Out

Due to the busyness of the everyday lives that we live, we don’t often take the time to socialize with our friends.  When you have children, most of your focus is spent on your offspring and we tend to neglect our own personal needs.  I believe it is incredibly healthy to set time aside to… Continue reading Girls Night Out