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A Friday Babble: Short and Sweet

I have been writing for an extended period of time today. I wanted to write about the week that I have had as it has been a heck of a week. But I keep writing and writing and words keep flowing, but the words and the sentences that the words and sentences are creating are… Continue reading A Friday Babble: Short and Sweet

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Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition~1/25/19

  Much is on my mind today and I am struggling with narrowing my writing to just one topic. After much thinking, and pondering, I will touch on a few topics, in a babbling type fashion, due to my inability to settle on just one thought. Weight Loss I have been obsessed with losing weight… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Friday Edition~1/25/19

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Overbooked & Overwhelmed

When I am depressed, I struggle to get out of bed.  I have to stand in front of the running hot shower and convince myself to get into the shower and once in, I have this whole elaborate self-talk of actually doing more than just standing there.  Doing anything seems to be a struggle. When… Continue reading Overbooked & Overwhelmed

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What Stops Me in My Tracks

I can do a lot of things, not to be boastful, but to be honest.  I am pretty stubborn and when I put my mind to something, I am most likely going to be successful.  Now, this can be used for good or evil.  (Insert maniacal laugh).  I was crazy successful at my career which… Continue reading What Stops Me in My Tracks

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What’s on your mind Michelle?

When I open my Facebook account, it asks me, What’s on your mind Michelle?  It’s a standard question, I am not sure how many people actually pay attention to it, but today, I did and today, it made me think.  What IS on my mind today? So I sat while I was “watching” the football… Continue reading What’s on your mind Michelle?

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A Reflection from Today

There are days where I just want to be in bed. To hide under my covers. The act of being hidden, to be unseen, to disappear, that is all that my brain can concentrate on. And on nearly all occasions when I feel this way, I am in no way, whatsoever, able to do what… Continue reading A Reflection from Today

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The Unexpected Gift

The weeks leading up to Christmas I was stressing.  Stressing over this and that and everything in between.  I was stressing about the things that existed and the things that I was making up in my head.  I was stressing about what I had to do and when there was nothing to do.  Stress, stress,… Continue reading The Unexpected Gift