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Chasing Rabbits

In the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice follows a rabbit down a rabbit hole and discovers a whole new world, one where impossible things are possible, flowers talk, and tea parties are actually entertaining.  It’s one of my favorite books.  And it’s a favorite because I can completely relate to Alice’s character.  She is… Continue reading Chasing Rabbits


There’s No Crying in Cake Making

Recently I have been faced with several of my insecurities.  It has been overwhelming as I can recall a time when I was far more secure in myself.  Years ago, I was a take charge, take no prisoner, unable to waver under pressure person, or that's what I let people think.  Deep down inside, I… Continue reading There’s No Crying in Cake Making

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The Sweet Spot

Over the weekend it dawned on me that I am in a sweet spot.  This is unrelated to my current preoccupation with cake, although that IS part of it.  The sweet spot is about where I am in my life at this moment in time. After being on the Bipolar roller coaster filled with dips… Continue reading The Sweet Spot

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The Power of a Hug

After a nice early morning walk with my friend, I made the decision to dress it up a little bit for work.  I work in a place where the dress code is lax and casual.  However, I passed on the jeans and flannels and I decided that I would wear my nice green dress, tights… Continue reading The Power of a Hug